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At Locksmith Columbus we believe that strong, well maintained locks are the foundation of a safe home. Your home holds documents, furniture, electronics, tools, firearms and most importantly your family. The door locks on your home wear down over time causing the need for repairs and even replacements. Locksmith Columbus are experts at repairing, updating and replacing locks in residential homes. Have you recently moved into a new home or rental? That is one of the most important times to contact us. These types of situations doesn’t always require us to replace all of your locks. Re-keying the existing locks in your home may be the perfect solution. 

Locksmith Columbus

Residential Smart lock installation

Smart locks are becoming all the rage. Regardless of the age of your house or lock, or wherever you live, a smart lock is something that can not only make things easier for you but also help improve security. In case you do not know, a smart lock is a device that connects to your home or office network allowing you certain functions to your lock from anywhere you have internet access. This means you can ensure you never forget to set the lock, allows you to open the lock before you have your hands full, and ensures you do not get stuck at the door fumbling for the right key or to get it into the lock. Whether you are looking to retrofit your current lock or install a completely new device, our team ensures the process is smooth and easy, and you get the best lock for your individual situation and needs.

Locksmith Columbus

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Home Safety

Contrary to their image, most burglars are not skilled professionals. They generally do not pick locks or have access to such tools, and are not experienced criminals out on a crime spree. The average burglar is a young kid in his teens or early twenties from a local neighborhood. Their greatest tool is common sense, which is why they can often be defeated by applying a little common sense of your own.


Case The Joint

Thieves are playing the odds game, so you should be too. Anything you can do to make your house look like a harder target will lower your chances of being burglarized. A well displayed "Beware of Dog" or "Alarm" sign combined with heavy-duty locks can convince a burglar to give up and move on to the next house. Consider replacing thin outer doors or windows, and avoid door hardware that looks flimsy. Good outside lighting is a plus as dark homes with heavy cover are prime targets. If the inside of your home is highly visible, consider using curtains even during the day. Remember that, aside from valuables, burglars look for three things when selecting a home to rob: easy entrance, easy cover, and easy escape. If you can deny or delay their access to these, your chances of being targeted drop dramatically.


Stack The Deck

Take a few minutes to "case" your own house. Inspect weak doors or locks, low or easily opened windows, and dark areas that provide easy cover. Sliding patio doors, basement windows, and garage doors are common weak points. Look for valuables lying in plain view, especially those that can be easily carried off such as jewelry or laptop computers. Check for trees or fixtures that provide easy access to the second floor, where the locks are often weaker. Then, take a minute to "case" the rest of your neighborhood. If you were a thief, would you find your own house an easy target compared to your neighbors? Do you have thick, low-lying bushes or larger windows? "Adequate" home security is often relative to the houses around you — if you provide an easier target, you may become a victim no matter how much security you have.

Locksmith Columbus

Residential Smart lock installation

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